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Business continuity planning.

Improve Mean Time to Recovery,

HOT – WARM – COLD Disaster Recovery Solutions,

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Backup, Restore, Archive Anywhere.

Customized Disaster Recovery Solution for DevOps and IT Operations.

Classify your Applications into High/Medium/Low Priority and Customize your DR Strategy. Hybrid Strategy improves Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) and Happy Teams.

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Hot disaster recovery 

Failover to Alternate Systems with Highest Availability for Mission-Critical Applications.

Single, Dual, Multi-City, Active/Active, or Active/Passive Application Uptimes.


Hybrid disaster recovery 

Near HOT disaster recovery at a price of Cold DR. Recover/Restore your Infra to EC High-Performance Data centers at a fraction of cost.

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Cold disaster recovery 

Send backups to an alternate location for advanced data protection. Online backup for Petabyte scale Storage.


Long term archival

Monitor and contribute to application improvement, performance and enhancement.


Application-consistent, image-level backups, ensuring the successful recovery of business-critical applications and services and allowing for application-specific restore scenarios.

Support is offered for:

  • Microsoft Active Directory

  • Microsoft Exchange 

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Microsoft SharePoint



  • Assemble Plan

  • Appoint Emergency Contacts

  • Assign Roles & Responsibilities

  • Data and Backup Location.

  • Restore Technology Function.

  • Testing & Maintenance.


  • Advanced replication

  • Instant Server Recovery

  • Instant File-Level Recovery

  • source-side compression and deduplication

  • Storage agnostic

  • High-Speed Recovery

  • Data Loss Avoidance

  • Verified Recoverability

  • Leveraged Data

  • Complete Visibility

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Full solution. One platform.

Feel free to make a wish for customized solutions

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