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The future of secure storage 

Multi-petabyte scale Enterprise storage.

Improve performance and reduce costs.

Compute: Products

Efficiently store and accelerate increasing volumes of data

EC Cloud offers three broad categories of cloud storage services: object, block, and file storage. Each offering is designed to meet a different storage requirement, which gives you the flexibility to find the solution that works best for your storage scenarios. These include enterprise-grade features like Capacity management, Data tiering, Archiving & Deduplication.

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Endurance storage 

Unlimited IOPS for most demanding Applications like SAP HANA, Oracle, MS SQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Maria DB.


Block storage - mix use

High speed, low latency, High IO, High Redundancy suitable for databases


Multi-location storage 

Multi-Site Data Replication and Restoration allows the highest level of data availability and protection.


Object storage - read-intensive 

Search capabilities and unlimited scaling make object storage ideal for unstructured data.

A New Class of Storage Technology

  • PCIe SSD - Multiple lanes 

  • Opal SSC and Enterprise SSC specifications

  • L1.2 low-power standby mode

  • 4X better IOPs(Input/Output Operations Per Second

  • PCI Express connection routes

  • Supporting phase-change memory (PCM)

  • Developed by an open industry consortium

  • future-proof interface

  • Native Command Queuing 

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Application performance

  • Modernizes Storage

  • Comprehensive Solution

  • Proven Quality and Reliability

  • Breakthrough Performance

  • Intel® QLC Technology

  • unparalleled performance

  • increased operational efficiency

  • high speed and density

  • eliminates processing bottlenecks

  • demanding applications like big data, high-performance computing

  • Accelerating highly variable AI storage workloads 

  • Planed for scalability

Plan for scalability

  • Eliminate bottlenecks with the best data center storage solutions. Modernize your infrastructure to keep up with the demands of digital business optimized for performance, reliability, and endurance.

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Full solution. One platform.

Feel free to make a wish for customized solutions

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